About the Designer

Dutch designer/artist Mique Bos lives in tropical Malaysia: 
'the colourful surroundings and exotic culture give me daily inspiration for the handpainting of vibrant coloured silk scarves and the designing of bright arty images for greeting cards and all kind of other functional products.'

about the designing

'For the designing of my 100% silk scarves I got ideas from the colours of tropical flowers, birds and fishes. The surprising  discovery of unusual colour combinations here in nature itself is an exciting adventure which shows without exception an all-time sense of ultimate harmony. The harmonious colour schemes give my abstract, clean & minimalist style a delicate feel.'

about the editing

'For the editing of my images for greetings cards I use my own photographs as the base. During my travels in South-Aast Asia in the last 5 years I developed a huge collection of pictures of beautiful landscapes, people & flowers and interesting buildings, markets & landmarks as well.'

about the products

'The material for my scarves - professional  silk paint for steamfixation of the colours  & hand rolled silk scarves -are imported from specialised wholesalers in Europe. The coloured paper & envelopes for the greeting cards are produced in Malaysia. The designs for prints for other products are also available for consumers on line (via third party websites) or can be ordered customized via the contactform.'

about the services

In addition to the designing & producing of 'real articles' like the scarves & greeting cards I design & edit business cards, flyers, menu's, logo's, articles & documents in Dutch & English. Communication, delivery & payment can all be organised on line.














Mique made the design and lay-out of a brochure for my Art Exhibition. She works fast, communicates well and is reliable. She is inventive and brings in her own ideas. She is flexible and willing to take wishes of her client into account. I would certainly recommend Mique for her skills as a designer/editor. I was very satisfied with the end results.
Kuala Lumpur September 8,  2014, A.T. was Mique's client
Mique Bos is a great editor. Fast, precise, knowledgeable and reliable. She does not just correct text, she gets herself involved into the story of a book and provides excellent suggestions for text alterations and changes. She loves quality, deeply cares about her work and the final product. So she did with my books ‘Van binnen is alles kapot’ that will appear in Dutch in October of 2014 and the English version ‘The War Never Ended, Memories of Holocaust Survivors’. In both cases it was a pleasure to work with Mique. I am looking forward to a next project with Mique Bos. Meanwhile, I highly recommend her as an editor, or even more as ‘a partner in writing’.
Spain, July 8 2014, S.H. was Mique's client
I worked with Mique to develop some business cards and it was an excellent experience. She was very fast, creative, patient with my changing needs and so very easy to work with. It was a real pleasure.
Kuala Lumpur, 21 november 2015, W.Swas Mique's client
Mique has delivered outstanding work; well on schedule and for a reasonable price. She's an expert in legal terms, which comes in handy for us. Besides this, she's a pleasant person to work with. Would recommend hiring her!
Netherlands, november 2015, G.H. was Mique's client