My first blog post ever

... and yes, that is scary. Very scary. It is like entering an uninhabited & unknown land. Behind which tree are the  lions & bears hidden? When will the snowstorms take me by surprise? Which critical persons will read my thoughts & see my pictures who I can't see in return?

Not only did i never write a blog post before, neither did I read a lot of blogs nor do i follow any famous blog writers. So that leaves the most important issue here. About what on earth shall I write something what is interesting enough for other people in the wide world to read?

But the redeeming answer came this morning from an inspirational designer/blog writer who gives teaching lessons in blogging. One of her quotes was that other people like to read personal stories behind the screens.

And then I fully realised: everyone is unique and has a unique story to tell. And as I am blessed to live with a Western-European mindset in an East-Asian region, why should I be scared for the unknown, with the experience of finding my way in so many different foreign countries I lived & traveled in? Why wouldn't I be able to find interesting stories and pictures in the location I am planted now, happily living in a country which is so colourful & exotic & totally different than where I come from. I am most privileged having the opportunity to  see the world with special eyes. eyes with a question mark engraved in the retina which makes me wonder. and with the wonder starts the writing. With this new insight i finish here my first blog post ever. Scary? Not at all, only exciting...

PS while writing this blog behind the screen with the warm tropical breeze around, I haven't encountered any bears at all, yet.