Colourful Chinese New Year - in Kuala Lumpur

This weekend -6-7 Februari 2016 Chinese people (1/5 of the world population) celebrate the Chinese New Year. They do so with cleaning and decorating their houses in the period before and fireworks and lion dancings during these days.  The people who speak Mandarin  wish each other Gong Xi Fa Cha for a prosperous New Year - photo by Silk & Paper.

In Malaysia approxemately 30% of the population has Chinese ancestors. Like for all other (religious) festivals a good reason to give all the inhabitants some days off to be able to indulge oneself in the celebrations (and eating special meals like the shared salad).

In Kuala Lumpur all the big shopping malls are decorated festively with red lanterns, blossom treas and dragons. The schools and offices and a lot of shops are closed during four days (Saturday-Tuesday). People  give each other (and also shopkeepers to their clients) small gifts like mandarins (the fruit)and small colourful envelopes with some money as a token of prosperity.

In the Chinese temples are these days numerous ceremonies where believers come to worship their gods with candlesticks, fruit and eggs. The temples are beautifully decorated and very crowded these days. This is the temple Thean Hou - the biggest temple of Kuala Lumpur, overlooking the city from a hill near Brickfields at night -photo by Silk & Paper  -

chinese temple weblog.jpg

This year  will be the year of the monkey (till 27 January 2017). The monkey is the ninth sign in the Chines zodiac and seen as a clever animal. Accidentially the word for monkey in Chinese is also Hou (like in the name of the biggest Chinese temple of Kuala Lumpur) -

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